How to take the perfect travel photos: Our top three tips

Eiffel tower reflection in camera lensesIn an age where we spend our time playing online slots, point and shoot digital cameras cost next to nothing, and are still capable of producing exceptional photographs, a lack of access to the right equipment should never be an excuse for poor quality holiday pictures.

Unfortunately, however, terrible pictures still seem to abound. While there are countless books, magazines and articles about how to take the perfect travel pictures, we thought that today we would share with you our top three tips for capturing those magical holiday moments.

  1.    Get there early. While there are a whole host of camera tricks and tips to enhance your images, the one that people tend to forget, and can make your picture most special, is arriving at a site early, before the crowds gather. It requires little effort on your part, aside from setting your alarm a little earlier, but the results can transform your otherwise bland photo albums instantly. Capturing a beautiful temple at sunrise, or as the mist begins to clear, adds real depth to your images, while the lack of tourists in your images will set them apart from the norm.
  2.    Add context. While photographing local people when travelling, few amateur photographers remember the importance of the background in the context of the shot. Pictures of silk traders, for example, could be improved dramatically if you were to take a picture of the trader in front of his stall, at the right angle. Every detail of the shot improves the story that the picture tells.
  3.    Get creative. Don’t just place the subject of the picture in the centre of the image. Trying spicing things up a bit by placing it according to the rule of thirds. It will add that much needed variety to your albums.


5 Tips to Increase the Safety of Your Camera’s Memory Data

Imagine coming home after a great photo session at the casino. You sit down, connect your camera or memory card to the computer and, sadly, realize that something is wrong. Maybe the data is lost, maybe only corrupt, but in any case this is one disaster scenario you will want to avoid. In other words, you will want to take good care of your digital camera’s memory card!

memory cardHere are 3 tips that will help you prevent memory card problems:

1) Always store your memory cards carefully. Keep them from getting dirty when not in use. Tiny specs of dust can easily become a big problem!

2) Watch out for firmware upgrades – they can increase your card’s efficiency.

3) At the start of a new photo shoot, format the memory card you’re about to use. This is very important, as it will reduce the chance of possible data malfunctions.

Now, even if you take precautions, complications can arise during photo shoot itself. These 2 tips will help you avoid problems during a photo shoot:

1) When on assignments, keep your full and empty memory cards well organised. Always replace the cards as soon as you run out of storage capacity.

2) If your camera’s memory buffer gets full during burst-mode shooting, a red light will signal you to stop. Do not remove the memory card during this process! Always wait until the red light goes off; ideally, even turn your camera off and on again before proceeding with the photo shoot.

3) Be sure to follow the right memory card maintenance!


What is Art?

Art is a wide range of human activities and the results produced from those activities. It is something that has been in existence since the inception of the world in one form or another. Its beauty is in the fact that it has developed overtime showing new qualities so that it never gets old or boring.

There are various types of art. Three of the most common types are:

– Decorative Arts (for example: architecture)
– Visual Arts (for example: paintings)
– Performing Arts (for example: dance)

There are several definitions of art; however, experts hardly agree on any one definition. In simple words, art is the method of passing messages in a unique form, such as through paintings and dance.

Cave paintings and sculptures as old as 40,000 years have been found from different parts of the world. They prove that art has existed for thousands of years and has only evolved with time. In the last few decades, new art forms have arrived on the world map such as tattoo designing.

Some types of arts (such as abstract art) are so complex that one needs to put in a lot of effort to understand it fully and absorb the message. Many experts argue that everyone is an artist and should try to bring that artist out.

Art is a proven form of meditation too. People use different forms of art to sooth their nerves or search their soul. Music, a very common form of art, has been proven to magically impact minds. Several forms of art have been used over the years for healing and other such purposes. Experts suggest that everyone should adopt some form of art as a hobby due to the positive effects it has on the human body and mind.

There is an argument that art is “in-born” and cannot be learnt. However, several forms of art can be transferred to people through lectures and practice. You may also get admission in an “art school” to learn your favorite art form.

Art can also be being able to be really skilled at casino games.