How to take a great picture with your iPhone


Whether you’re an amateur photographer who loves to travel, a budding travel photographer or you’re lucky enough to have made a career out of taking pictures, some of the potentially best pictures present themselves at the most inopportune moments.

This is why, whatever your reason for taking pictures, it’s always important to have your iPhone on you at all times. It’s small, portable, handy for all kinds of stuff (even for online casino games) and, if you know how to use it, can take a great quality picture.

Here are our top three tips for taking award-winning pictures, with your iPhone.

  1.     Avoid the digital zoom function at all costs. While the iPhone may take a picture at a resolution of 5M Megapixels, the zoom function is utterly useless. It sounds obvious, but it’s amazing the number of potentially stunning pictures that are ruined by a lack of recognition about this fact. If you want blurry, poor quality images, go ahead. If, however, you really want to capture a great image, keep your fingers away from the zoom function.
  2.     Keep it simple. One of the most effective means of taking a great shot with your iPhone is to keep the composition of the picture as simple as possible. Don’t choose to shoot an image which has several, highly distinguishable, objects in the foreground. Choose instead to shoot images which contain simple patterns that are easy on the eye.
  3.     Utilize the grid setting. If you’re taking a shot with an image in the foreground, middle ground and background, switch on the grid function and ensure that you apply the rule of thirds when taking the shot; this simple tweak will be transformational to your picture.

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