5 Tips to Increase the Safety of Your Camera’s Memory Data

Imagine coming home after a great photo session at the casino. You sit down, connect your camera or memory card to the computer and, sadly, realize that something is wrong. Maybe the data is lost, maybe only corrupt, but in any case this is one disaster scenario you will want to avoid. In other words, you will want to take good care of your digital camera’s memory card!

memory cardHere are 3 tips that will help you prevent memory card problems:

1) Always store your memory cards carefully. Keep them from getting dirty when not in use. Tiny specs of dust can easily become a big problem!

2) Watch out for firmware upgrades – they can increase your card’s efficiency.

3) At the start of a new photo shoot, format the memory card you’re about to use. This is very important, as it will reduce the chance of possible data malfunctions.

Now, even if you take precautions, complications can arise during photo shoot itself. These 2 tips will help you avoid problems during a photo shoot:

1) When on assignments, keep your full and empty memory cards well organised. Always replace the cards as soon as you run out of storage capacity.

2) If your camera’s memory buffer gets full during burst-mode shooting, a red light will signal you to stop. Do not remove the memory card during this process! Always wait until the red light goes off; ideally, even turn your camera off and on again before proceeding with the photo shoot.

3) Be sure to follow the right memory card maintenance!


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