Top Tips To Take Perfect Pics At A Poker Tournament

Taking pictures as you play poker games can add to the fun and memories for the future. However, it is not all casinos that allow this to happen. Many believe that the flash is a distraction to the players and this would lead to a poor game. In case you want to take pictures, ensure that it is allowed by that casino where you are playing the poker game. If allowed, there are several factors to consider in order to take the best. The article hence is a clear guide on Top Tips To Take Perfect Pics At A Poker Tournament that will help you take the most awesome pictures. Make sure you also get familiar with casino games if you’re not already. We’ve browsed the net for you and have found a few sites to check, we will include them in this article. To start with, visit and their games section.


The amount of light is very paramount in the event of taking these photos. If there is poor lighting for your camera, the pictures will be close to invisible. By this, you will have done a disappointing work. Clear pictures can only be obtained through proper lighting. When it comes to the camera lens, choosing the one with an aperture of 2.8 or less would be very efficient in producing quality and awesome photos.

Basic settings

Before you get set to take poker tournament photos, interact with your camera settings first. Ensure that they are satisfactory in producing the best. This will help you avoid the disappointment of realizing later that you could have produced something better than that. When it comes to the ISO, ensure that it is cranked up. The aperture should be opened widely so as the amount of light that gets in through gets maximized. Not forgetting the white balance which should be in the auto mode. Ensure that you do some tests before the real tournament pictures to ensure that it is at its best. These are the most important camera settings to outlook. Having sorted them all, the photos produced will be very awesome and satisfying. You can check fantastic pictures on, you will also find extra tips and guidelines on how to play casino games!

Clear focus path

When you want to capture the real event, your positioning is very important. You cannot just take pictures without focus. Ensure that you do not stand in the way of anyone. Be it the players or the officials to avoid distracting the game proceeding. Ensure that the position and angle you take enables you to take the subject and the background appropriately. This is why it is important for the monopod and the crouch brought along to be in a low position. The result will be amazing if you consider taking charge of the right positioning and angle.

Proper timing

To ensure that the best pictures are captured, timing on movements during the tournament is very important. When the cards are in the hands brings out the best photo if you are taking the player. Change the positions even as they drop them. This will make it interesting to view the photos later and show the essence of this photography. The guide on timing available at was pretty useful, check it out if you are looking for more info on the topic.

In conclusion, photography during a poker tournament is crucial. It ensures that the moments are captured for memories. Some of the mistakes may also be spotted in these photos which ensures a better game in the next tournament. If you are planning to take pictures in a coming tournament, go through the Top Tips To Take Perfect Pics At A Poker Tournament in the text above and for sure you will not be disappointed by the result.

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