The Art of Slot Machines

Today slot machines with a number of features are available all over the world on online as well as land based casinos to allow their players to make good money. You may see various types of slot machines in a land based casino as well as on online casinos.

Invention of slot machines
The history of slot machines starts many year back. Though actual date of its invention is the matter of great discussions still the years of its invention is assumed to be near about 1887. In fact, the matter of invention of slot machines is contradictory as some people say that it was invented in 1887 by Charles Fey, an American, as a Liberty Bell machine. This slot machine, with 5 symbols, Liberty Bell, a heart, a horseshoe, a spade and a diamond, along with 3 reels, was one of the simplest slot machines in this trade.

According to other people, it was invented in 1895 by two people, Pitt and Sittman. It was a kind of poker machine that uses only 50 cards containing 5 drums to spin to show a poker hand containing 5 cards with every spin. Similarities and differences in early slot machines However, the devices of both of these versions have few differences as well as similarities. To spin the drum or reel players have to pull a lever in both the machines. Basically both the machines require the players to insert a coin and win some money as a result of spinning their reel or drum. However the mechanism of both the machines was quite different as Liberty Bell dispensed the winning amount automatically whereas the other one do not. Slot machines have since then changed and there are now amazing ones, with 3D effects! One of the best site to play with the latest slots is certainly visit their games section to find out.

Another difference in these machines was the possibility of more combinations by using playing cards instead of symbols and 5 reels play cards instead of 3 reels which made Liberty Bell more popular than the other machine.
Though, with time both the machines were installed in saloons, bars and other places in large number but Liberty Bell is assumed as the predecessor of the modern slot machines.

The Evolution of Slot Machines
Though early slot machines were basic still they attracted the attention of the people interested in gambling. These machines became more sophisticated with time after a number of modifications. The use of fruits as symbol on the reels was one of the note able modifications in the early slot machines, which is in use till date. Money Honey made by Bally Manufacturing in 1963 might be the most important change in those slot machines as it was a fully electronic machine which has severely changed the entire gaming industry.

Later on, video slots and other electronic games and various other features were included in slot machines to modernize them. With time a second screen was added to these machines to enable the players play bonus rounds to win more payouts by changing screens for each spin. The evolution of online casinos by the end of 20th century was the biggest development in the gaming industry. To check what an online slot machine looks like today visit and discover amazing games with fantastic graphics!

Start of online slots
Initially, most of the online casinos offered wide range of games including slot games to attract more and more customers. Initial versions of slot games were very basic which were later on developed by adding various features and themes in them. Progressive jackpots are one of the new additions in slot games to increase the prize money with time. 

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