Top Tips To Take Perfect Pics At A Poker Tournament

Taking pictures as you play poker games can add to the fun and memories for the future. However, it is not all casinos that allow this to happen. Many believe that the flash is a distraction to the players and this would lead to a poor game. In case you want to take pictures, ensure that it is allowed by that casino where you are playing the poker game. If allowed, there are several factors to consider in order to take the best. The article hence is a clear guide on Top Tips To Take Perfect Pics At A Poker Tournament that will help you take the most awesome pictures. Make sure you also get familiar with casino games if you’re not already. We’ve browsed the net for you and have found a few sites to check, we will include them in this article. To start with, visit and their games section.


The amount of light is very paramount in the event of taking these photos. If there is poor lighting for your camera, the pictures will be close to invisible. By this, you will have done a disappointing work. Clear pictures can only be obtained through proper lighting. When it comes to the camera lens, choosing the one with an aperture of 2.8 or less would be very efficient in producing quality and awesome photos.

Basic settings

Before you get set to take poker tournament photos, interact with your camera settings first. Ensure that they are satisfactory in producing the best. This will help you avoid the disappointment of realizing later that you could have produced something better than that. When it comes to the ISO, ensure that it is cranked up. The aperture should be opened widely so as the amount of light that gets in through gets maximized. Not forgetting the white balance which should be in the auto mode. Ensure that you do some tests before the real tournament pictures to ensure that it is at its best. These are the most important camera settings to outlook. Having sorted them all, the photos produced will be very awesome and satisfying. You can check fantastic pictures on, you will also find extra tips and guidelines on how to play casino games!

Clear focus path

When you want to capture the real event, your positioning is very important. You cannot just take pictures without focus. Ensure that you do not stand in the way of anyone. Be it the players or the officials to avoid distracting the game proceeding. Ensure that the position and angle you take enables you to take the subject and the background appropriately. This is why it is important for the monopod and the crouch brought along to be in a low position. The result will be amazing if you consider taking charge of the right positioning and angle.

Proper timing

To ensure that the best pictures are captured, timing on movements during the tournament is very important. When the cards are in the hands brings out the best photo if you are taking the player. Change the positions even as they drop them. This will make it interesting to view the photos later and show the essence of this photography. The guide on timing available at was pretty useful, check it out if you are looking for more info on the topic.

In conclusion, photography during a poker tournament is crucial. It ensures that the moments are captured for memories. Some of the mistakes may also be spotted in these photos which ensures a better game in the next tournament. If you are planning to take pictures in a coming tournament, go through the Top Tips To Take Perfect Pics At A Poker Tournament in the text above and for sure you will not be disappointed by the result.

The Art of Slot Machines

Today slot machines with a number of features are available all over the world on online as well as land based casinos to allow their players to make good money. You may see various types of slot machines in a land based casino as well as on online casinos.

Invention of slot machines
The history of slot machines starts many year back. Though actual date of its invention is the matter of great discussions still the years of its invention is assumed to be near about 1887. In fact, the matter of invention of slot machines is contradictory as some people say that it was invented in 1887 by Charles Fey, an American, as a Liberty Bell machine. This slot machine, with 5 symbols, Liberty Bell, a heart, a horseshoe, a spade and a diamond, along with 3 reels, was one of the simplest slot machines in this trade.

According to other people, it was invented in 1895 by two people, Pitt and Sittman. It was a kind of poker machine that uses only 50 cards containing 5 drums to spin to show a poker hand containing 5 cards with every spin. Similarities and differences in early slot machines However, the devices of both of these versions have few differences as well as similarities. To spin the drum or reel players have to pull a lever in both the machines. Basically both the machines require the players to insert a coin and win some money as a result of spinning their reel or drum. However the mechanism of both the machines was quite different as Liberty Bell dispensed the winning amount automatically whereas the other one do not. Slot machines have since then changed and there are now amazing ones, with 3D effects! One of the best site to play with the latest slots is certainly visit their games section to find out.

Another difference in these machines was the possibility of more combinations by using playing cards instead of symbols and 5 reels play cards instead of 3 reels which made Liberty Bell more popular than the other machine.
Though, with time both the machines were installed in saloons, bars and other places in large number but Liberty Bell is assumed as the predecessor of the modern slot machines.

The Evolution of Slot Machines
Though early slot machines were basic still they attracted the attention of the people interested in gambling. These machines became more sophisticated with time after a number of modifications. The use of fruits as symbol on the reels was one of the note able modifications in the early slot machines, which is in use till date. Money Honey made by Bally Manufacturing in 1963 might be the most important change in those slot machines as it was a fully electronic machine which has severely changed the entire gaming industry.

Later on, video slots and other electronic games and various other features were included in slot machines to modernize them. With time a second screen was added to these machines to enable the players play bonus rounds to win more payouts by changing screens for each spin. The evolution of online casinos by the end of 20th century was the biggest development in the gaming industry. To check what an online slot machine looks like today visit and discover amazing games with fantastic graphics!

Start of online slots
Initially, most of the online casinos offered wide range of games including slot games to attract more and more customers. Initial versions of slot games were very basic which were later on developed by adding various features and themes in them. Progressive jackpots are one of the new additions in slot games to increase the prize money with time. 

Mega Moolah, Treasure Nile, Robin of Sherwood, Jurassic World are the hot slot games these days. If you haven’t played them before and would like to give them a try check out You might even find useful information on other casino games.

Design of Slot Machines

How are slot machines built?

This is one question that some slot machine players may find themselves asking after finding that they are a few hundred dollars down in their game and they still can’t get the machines that they are playing to give them the light-flashing, siren-blaring, and jaw-dropping jackpot combination that they want.

Do slot machine programs have a certain algorithm that makes them avoid lining up the icons that can give you a big win or are these spins all random? With the older slot machines that did not rely on computer programs for them to run in the past, the chances you have of winning and losing can be easily seen as random since these do not have certain programs that make them run and are mechanically operated instead of computer programmed. With the newer
models of slot machines that come out every year, you tend to wonder if the odds of winning have been pre-programmed into these machines since these run with a combination of mechanical and computer run parts. If you want to check what’s a great slot machine looks like, clickonlinecasinos will help you.

When you talk about the newer breeds of slot machines, you will find that these have certain slot machine programs that are designed to give out minor prizes and jackpots based on a particular payback percentage. This payback percentage is included in how the machine is designed and made. Usually, the design of the machine, the number of reels, the jackpot prize and the needed pattern for winning the jackpot helps dictate the odds of winning that each player may have with these machines.

For most machines, the chance of getting one of the jackpot icons on one of the reels is 1 in 64. If the machine that you are playing on has three reels, you will then need to multiply that chance by three, which makes the chances of winning the jackpot on such a machine one in sixty-four times three or 1 in 262,144.

With the huge number of casinos competing for the patronage of clientele, most of the slot machines that you play actually dispense wins every few spins or so to help keep people from moving to another casino. This means that while the casino does still make money from these machines, people who play them still make a bit of money from them every now and then. The frequency of these wins depends on the slot machine programs that are used on these machines and how they are calibrated by the manufacturers according to the preference of these casinos.

You will find that most casinos in casino dotted cities worldwide have slot machines that may not regularly give out the jackpot prize but do give out smaller prizes to players rather frequently. The reason for having a high payback percentage when it comes to certain machines in some casinos is for them to retain their customers and to stop them from transferring to other casinos that may have looser machines. This may mean that these machines may have programs that are similar and function the same but they can be tweaked and calibrated by the casinos they are in to make them give you more or less than you expect to win from them. Check out for more info and more slot games!

Where To Find Free Pictures For Your Blog

Every once in a while, you will find yourself needing to download or use a picture for different tasks such as social media use or maybe for your blogging needs. Getting free photos for use can be quite a hassle since most photos are copyrighted and it is technically illegal to use them without the owner’s permission. The solution to this is using free pictures from some websites that offer these services.

If you are specifically looking for free casino images, then the following are the top photography websites with casino pictures and related images.

1. Pixabay
Pixabay is one of the top websites if you are looking for any type of free images. They offer a wide selection of casino pictures that can all be downloaded and used for free. Some of their iconic images include pictures of casino tables, casino halls, stacks of money, stacks of playing chips, casino games and even the largest casino cities such as Las Vegas. All you need to do is to visit their website, create an account, and choose the images you would like then simply download them. No stress, no pressure. You can select as many images as you would like without any restrictions. Pixabay offers a 30-day free trial after which you have to pay a small fee for the premium features. Once setting up your blog, or page, feel free to use the images available! If you want to find great images about casinos for instance, and are in need of inspiration or want to check what does look like a nice graphic design or picture, will take you through the best casinos currently available on the Internet.

Unlike Pixabay, this website is completely free and has no premium features. They also offer a wide selection of casino images for you to download. You simply have to visit the website, search for the photos you would like and you are ready to download them for free.

3. Stockography.
Due to the creative commons policy on this site, you are able to download, use and modify the images there as you so please. It is quite similar in nature to in the sense that you simply have to visit the website, search for the images you would like to use, then download them. There is no restriction to what you can use the photos for which offers you all the freedom you would like.

4. Raumrot
Raumrot is another free photography website where you can find great casino pictures. The main difference is that unlike the other mentioned websites, there are some minor restrictions with some rights reserved on some images. This should however not discourage you. Most restrictions pertain to simply mentioning the source of the image when you use it.

5. FreeImagesLive
This is another free photography website with a large selection of free casino images. You will get hundreds of photos to choose from when you use the site. As with Raumrot, when you use the photos, you are supposed to mention the source and give credit by using an attribution link or a text credit.

The 5 websites above are the best if you are looking for free casino pictures. It is a guarantee that if you visit any of them, you will get the images you require without having to pay a single dime. Whatever your needs are, these free websites will cater to your needs.

Having subscribers on a photography website

Subscription service websites are a good way for both customers and site owners to get the best from the deal. The customer often receives a service that is unavailable to non-paying customers at a good value price, while the site owner has the security of knowing that they have a certain amount of money coming in each month.

In terms of a photography website specifically, how would it be feasible to organise this effectively on a website? Well the good news is that the technology to do so is readily available and, provided you have the right design and programming team, relatively easy to install on a site.

More of an issue is the type of subscription service you want to offer, I recommend you to take a look at Rebilly. Will there be a simple two-tier system of visitor to your website, subscribers and non-subscribers and if so, what will subscribers be offered to attract them to join the site?

Subscription billing software

Subscription billing software

Or, will you offer several tiers of membership, so that users can opt to pay a smaller, medium or larger amount for access to different aspects of your site. For example, smaller users may only have access to smaller images, medium users to medium and smaller images and the top paying subscribers could have access both to bigger images and perhaps in a better definition.

Of course, signing people up to your site has to be attractive so you should consider what you offer and at what price carefully, but you also need to ensure that when you have attracted subscribers that you keep them.

Having a regularly updated blog, perhaps running photography competitions for subscribers and having a membership newsletter that gets regularly sent out. has a pretty good article on this topic if you wanted to have more info on rebilly.

The great thing is, if you have subscribers, then they are already interested in what you have to offer, your aim is to then keep them interested in visiting the site and maintaining their subscription. There are other things to consider, such as how to keep your subscribers data secure but a strong design team should be able to help you design your site at every stage of the process.

There’s millions of websites all clamouring for top quality images and a subscriber website is a great way to access this burgeoning market.